Zahid Shaikh

Aug 24, 2020

4 min read

NPS Survey Design

NPS stands for Net Promoter Score and it is a metric used in customer experience programs. NPS measures the loyalty of customers to a company. NPS(Net Promoter Score) survey is an important feedback tool for the Product Manager to understand how the product is perceived by the customer. It can also be used to get valuable feedback from customers on features that need to be improved.

NPS Question

Respondents will likely give a rating between 0 (not at all likely) and 10 (extremely likely) and, depending on their response, customers fall into one of 3 categories to establish an NPS score.

  • Promoters will respond with a score of 9 or 10 and are typically loyal and enthusiastic customers.

After collecting responses, NPS = %Promoters(rating of 9 or 10) — % Detractors(Rating of 0 to 6)

After the customer submits their rating, add followup questions to get the reasons for the rating :

What does the XYZ Product do really well?

What changes can we do in the product for you to give us a higher rating?

Survey Size

It is usually recommended to send at least around 2000 survey with the expectation of collecting around 250 responses.

Delivery Mechanism

It is a lot easier to get feedback from the customers if the survey can be embedded in your Web/App flow as a targetted banner and/or after certain key actions. You may still need to send surveys by email from the non-active audience — with the risk of unsubscription.

Survey Provider

Some companies may build their own solution to send the survey, but it is recommended to start with survey companies like SurveyMonkey, SoGoSurvey, etc as the survey provider. If you use a survey provider then you can use them for any survey(eg product feature ) and the survey can be delivered over web/email/app.

Email Provider

The survey providers can be used as the email provider(ie send email). But you have to be aware of below rules:

  • By default, SurveyMonkey will only allow a personal email address to send surveys (ie no email like This is not convenient if your survey is meant to be automated. Hence survey providers like SoGoSurvey will allow you to use non-personal email like

Hence to avoid the above restrictions, you may use an email provider like SparksPost to send the survey link with your own email body and email address.

  • You will need to manage Unsubscribe using your own weblink.

Regardless of the provider, it is recommended to work with your admin to add DKIM record in your DNS to ensure your survey is trusted(not in spam) by email providers like Hotmail, Gmail, etc.

Designing Survey Email

  1. Do you need a non-anonymized survey? In that case, you can pass a parameter like userId to the survey link. e.g.[userID_value]

Response Analysis

Response Analysis is the most interesting data for a Product Manager. Besides the NPS survey, a direct feedback from the customer may be received on what can be improved in the product.

It is a good idea to see the distribution graph(histogram) of the NPS ratings(e.g. a lot of passive folks).

It is a good idea to group related text responses (or use word-cloud) to find top feature requests. I would recommend that you may use a tool like Airtable to do this type of analysis.

What is a Good NPS Score?

NPS Rating varies based on the industry and the product. For the e-commerce industry, NPS Score is usually around 63. Utility companies may even have a negative score.

In the case of a product-based NPS survey, compare the NPS rating across different products by the same company. There is a chance that the low satisfaction against the company may translate into a low NPS survey for the product.